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Xenon lamp aging chamber and UV aging chamber distinction
Release Time:2016-5-22    Reading:315 Times    Source:Lanbo Experimental Equipment
Natural climatic aging test method is generally divided into two kinds, the first is an analog UV aging, and the second is to simulate full sunlight aging. The method is widely used at home and abroad, mainly due to natural weathering test results more realistic, lower the cost and easy operation. While we can be natural weathering test, but more recognized international test site in the United States, Florida, because of its ample sunshine anywhere.

But natural weathering test deficiency is needed long time test, the test might not have time to wait for so many years the results of a test product.

1, xenon arc radiation test method

Xenon arc radiation test is considered the best simulation of the whole solar spectrum test, because it can produce ultraviolet, visible and infrared light. Because of this, at home and abroad is considered to be the most widely used method. GB / T1865-1997 (equivalent to IS0113411: 1994) detailed description of this method. But this approach has its limitations, the complexity of the xenon arc light source and the resulting stability of the testing system. Xenon arc lamp light source must be filtered to reduce the undesirable radiation. In order to achieve different irradiance distribution can have a variety of glass filter types to choose from. The selection of the glass depends on the type of material being tested and its end use. Change the filter glass can change the type of short-wavelength ultraviolet light through, thus changing the speed and type of material destruction. Generally use three types of filtration: sunlight, windows and extended UV type (method GB GB / T1865-1997 mentioned in 1 and 2 correspond to the first two types).

2, ultraviolet light irradiation test methods

UV light irradiation aging test using fluorescent UV lamps simulate sunlight devastating effect on the durability of the material. There are the aforementioned difference xenon arc lamp, ultraviolet fluorescent lamp is electrically similar principles and general lighting with fluorescent cold, but it can generate more ultraviolet light rather than visible or infrared light.

For different exposure applications, there are different types with different spectra of light available. UVA-340-type lamps to simulate sunlight well in the major short-wavelength ultraviolet spectral range. UVA light spectral energy distribution (SPD) and the solar spectrum from 360nm to dispose of the spectrum is very similar. Accelerated artificial climate UVB lamps are also commonly used lamp aging test. UVA lamp than the destruction of the material faster speed, but its shorter than 360 nm wavelengths energy output of many materials can cause the actual results deviate.

3. Conclusion

Although the national standard and the anti-aging methods currently prevailing domestic xenon arc radiation, but in a foreign country Xenon tests were widely Test Method arc radiation and UV aging. These two methods are based on entirely different principles. Xenon lamp irradiation chamber reproduced in whole solar spectrum, including ultraviolet, visible and infrared light, which is the object of the simulated sunlight. The UV aging test does not attempt to imitate the sun's rays, but just imitate destructive effect of sunlight. It is a durable material based on the principle of long-term outdoor exposure, by short-wave ultraviolet radiation damage caused by the aging of the maximum .
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