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Application comparison of various high and low temperature test methods
Release Time:2016-5-21    Reading:176 Times    Source:Lanbo Experimental Equipment
High and low temperature test method is divided into non-heat and cooling test samples test samples (that is, within the industry often say that the presence or absence of the sample heat), is the application of the following comparison of the different test methods:

 1, non-thermal and cooling test samples test samples: During the test conditions of the test sample after the temperature becomes stable when measured at free air conditions (ie no forced air circulation), the hottest spot on the specimen surface temperature is higher than the ambient air temperature 5 degrees above, considered to be cooling, otherwise it is non-heat test sample, all storage test and during the test is not energized with or without a load, the test samples are non-heat test samples, test methods using low temperature test.

 2, non-heat test sample: sudden changes in temperature test chamber temperature gradient (the former is the latter temperature test chamber is high and low temperature).

 Temperature mutation test Aa: First test chamber temperature was adjusted to a predetermined temperature and then placed in a test sample having a room temperature, when this test method is applicable to a known temperature mutation test sample does not produce action.

 Temperature Gradient Test Ab: first at room temperature with a test sample placed in the test chamber with a room temperature, and then activate the cold source chamber temperature is gradually cooled to a predetermined test temperature, if due to the test sample is too large or too heavy, or because complex function tests when wiring, when mutation test can not be done without creating frost into the cold chamber, the test should also be used Ab.

 3, the cooling test samples with and without forced air test: fluctuation within the industry to ensure uniformity of methods are based on air circulation mode, generate air circulation fan driven by the motor so as to form the flow of wind speed, no forced air circulation test simulates the free air an experimental influences, more suitable for testing the cooling test samples, tests of forced air circulation is not used when it is difficult or forced air circulation can not guarantee that the specified test conditions, test methods can be used in air and forced Ad : when a and B, method a is used to a large chamber without forced air circulation can meet the test requirements, but not in the box forced air circulation can not be maintained a predetermined low temperature, namely high and low temperature cooling or heating It requires the use of forced air cycle.
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