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Prospects of ozone aging chamber next 10 years
Release Time:2016-5-18    Reading:157 Times    Source:Lanbo Experimental Equipment
With the rapid development of modern industrial technology, applications of rubber and plastic products increasingly broad, experienced increasingly complex and diverse environmental conditions. Only reasonably require environmental condition of the product, the correct choice of product environmental protection measures in order to ensure that products from damage during storage in transportation, in the course of safety and reliability. Thus, rubber and plastic products artificial environment test is essential to ensure the quality of its important part. Simulated environmental testing is a scientific generalization of the actual environmental impact, has typification, standardization, easy to use, easy to compare features. The importance of diversification and environmental testing environmental conditions also environmental testing equipment made more stringent requirements. Ozone destruction of the material has been attention. Today, we are increasingly developed industrial technology, but also result in more severe damage to the natural environment, corrosive gases from a variety of manufacturing industries caused by the inclusion in the air, such as ozone, which is damaging the material or product It is a very severe test.

Among the industrial enterprises development in China, product quality requirements increase to unprecedented levels, to ensure the quality of industrial products is the basis for industrial development. In recent years, China's industrial product quality incidents continue, advance environmental testing products more and more attention on the current situation, the rapid development of industrial enterprises, and maintain the huge scale and incremental, and product quality, safety, technology progress and modernization are also more and more attention, and increasing investment, which gives ozone aging test chamber provides a good market and broad prospects for development.

According to statistics, in the past few years, China's environmental testing equipment market maintained a 15% -21% of the high growth rates, this rate has far exceeded the GDP growth rate in recent years, but at least the next five years to maintain 10 % or more of the growth rate. Taking into account approximately 4-6% of the price decline, the ozone aging test our local market growth is actually around 15%, equivalent to the economic data, then up to 10 billion yuan will be a huge market. This pace of development in accordance with the needs of the market and the calculation of at least 10 years after the market to mature and saturated, so its market potential.
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