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Energy-saving temperature and humidity control equipment
Release Time:2016-5-15    Reading:180 Times    Source:Lanbo Experimental Equipment
Energy-saving control of temperature and humidity box
In this paper, the presence of hot and cold air temperature and humidity conditions for canceling a detailed analysis of the issue, proposed design principles for eliminating hot offset. On the use of multi-linked variable refrigerant flow system, proposed a system partition approach, designed to supply a reference for engineering design.
CRAC Chassis Group has a lot of use in many industrial category. This air-conditioned enclosure group often continue to operate, energy consumption more naturally. Follow the situation is becoming increasingly serious energy depletion, energy conservation has become a major problem facing our country born enterprises, manufacturers of energy-saving control is imperative. In many fine equipment manufacturers, the indoor temperature and humidity to ensure that the air conditioning unit is a high energy-consuming job to form an integral part of students.
Therefore, air temperature and humidity control systems to reduce energy consumption is to reduce the energy consumption of the primary components. Constant temperature and humidity of the air conditioning system energy conservation thinking and design, is the most important issue currently vast engineering and technical personnel need to face. Constant temperature and humidity central air conditioning systems are the other air-conditioning systems, it is the invariance requirements of indoor temperature and humidity special. Some temperature control requirements shake confined to within 1 degree Celsius, that is plus or minus 0.5 degrees Celsius, and humidity also have higher requirements.
Temperature and humidity control is not only affected by external and indoor conditions, will also affect each other between temperature and humidity. As twenty degrees Celsius false, when the temperature of one degree Celsius shake up and down, it will lead to a relative humidity of about four percent shaken. Followed by rapid increase in machining technology, requiring temperature and humidity to shake magnitude smaller, which are on the CRAC system put forward higher requirements, but also greatly pushed up energy air-conditioning system. In order to reduce energy consumption, it is necessary for the constant temperature and humidity air conditioning system energy-saving design, and the use of temperature and humidity chamber experiments, in addition, because the temperature and humidity air-conditioning systems use more traditional methods unit, rarely used current efficient Variable Refrigerant traffic central air conditioning system. If you use variable refrigerant flow multi-split air-conditioning conjoined, the air temperature and humidity of the cold heat source can be obtained to reduce the cost, completion of energy.
In regard to the use of the whole air system, the presence of cold air in the heat to offset the disposal of sight, leading to greatly increased energy consumption operation. Current, temperature and humidity air-conditioning systems and other air conditioning systems have a special local, it is to design and build a high-precision temperature and humidity reach the room, often with full air system
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