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High and low temperature heat chamber common troubleshooting methods
Release Time:2016-5-13    Reading:176 Times    Source:Lanbo Experimental Equipment
1. The high and low temperature in high-temperature tests, such as temperature changes reach the test temperature, you can check the electrical system, one by one troubleshooting. As the temperature rises slowly, it is necessary to view the air circulation system, look at the wind circulation damper is open normally, otherwise, the motor is running check the air circulation is normal. If the temperature overshoot badly then you need to set PID tuning parameters. If the temperature rise directly, over temperature protection, then the controller fails, replace the control instrument.
    2. The low temperature high and low temperature reach indicator test, then you have to observe the change in temperature, the temperature drop is very slow, or to a certain temperature after the value of the temperature tends to increase, the former must check, do hypothermia before the test, whether the studio drying, the studio kept dry and then the test sample into the studio to do the test, the test sample too much work room is placed, so that indoor air circulation is not sufficient, the exclusion of the above Once the cause, we must consider whether the refrigeration system broke down, so we must ask the manufacturer for maintenance professionals. The latter phenomenon is due to poor use of environmental equipment, the device is placed in the ambient temperature, place the position (distance from the wall after the box) to meet the requirements (in the operation of equipment in both provisions).
    3. The high and low temperature humidity test done, the emergence of the actual humidity will reach 100% or actual humidity and the target humidity vary widely, lot of low value, the former phenomenon: It may be a gauze wet bulb sensor caused by dry, that wet bulb sensor is necessary to check whether the water tank, the water level in the tank is controlled by an automatic water level controller, and check whether the water level controller water supply system is normal, whether the water level controller is working properly. Another possibility is the use of wet gauze ball a long time, or the quality of water purity reasons, gauze will harden, so can not absorb moisture and dry gauze, just replace or clean gauze to eliminate the above phenomenon. The latter phenomenon is not working humidification system, water humidification system view system, there is a certain amount of water if the water supply system, the humidification control the water level is normal water level control, the humidification water level within the boiler is normal. As mentioned above everything is normal, it would have to check the electrical control system, which is to ask a professional service personnel.
    4. high and low temperature equipment suddenly fails during the test operation, the control corresponding fault appears on the instrument display and a voice prompt alarm. The operator can control the operation of equipment used in troubleshooting chapter quickly check out which type fault, you can ask professionals to quickly troubleshoot to make sure that the normal trials. Other environmental testing equipment in use, there will be other phenomena, it should be specific phenomenon, specific analysis and troubleshooting.
    Environmental testing equipment but also regular condenser maintenance, regular cleaning of the cooling system for the moving parts should be lubricated specification, electrical control system, regular maintenance checks, etc., the work is essential.
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