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How can programmable temperature and humidity control box temperature and humidity?
Release Time:2016-5-12    Reading:151 Times    Source:Lanbo Experimental Equipment
There are many new customers are new to programmable temperature and humidity chamber, when there is a question, "Why in front of the constant temperature and humidity testing machine to add" programmable "in the name, why should we add these three words it ? Although these three words watching brief, but it summed up a lot of features of the chamber, can be described succinctly we understand literally "programmable" means: you can use a computer software program that controls the chamber test, we need where temperature and humidity box with computer software to control it?

1, it can control the temperature and humidity inside the box, we just need to set you need to test ambient temperature in the computer software system, the temperature and humidity chamber will automatically drive to the compressor or tank heating cooling, when the temperature reaches the value of our set, it will immediately stop working. Since the cabinet is made of special materials, the temperature inside is not affected by external factors, so that we can achieve the effect of a constant temperature environment subjected to various tests.

2, it can control the temperature and humidity box inside humidity, supra we just need to set you need to test the humidity in the computer software system, the machine will automatically test chamber work for humidification chamber or lower humidity, when we reach the humidity set, it will stop working, so that would make us want to reach inside to test the humidity.

Summary: Although we can automatically set the desired temperature and humidity, but must be controlled within a certain range, such as the commonly used temperature controlled chamber at RT + 10 ~ 100 , humidity control in 80 ~ 98% R H about.
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