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China's machinery industry need to strengthen the capability of independent innovation
Release Time:2016-5-11    Reading:157 Times    Source:Lanbo Experimental Equipment
China Machinery Industry Federation president Yu Zhen has revealed that at present China's machinery industry is still quite backward capability of independent innovation, new product contribution rate was 5.9%, and only one-tenth of the industrialized countries.

Jane is at the annual meeting of the Association held here remarks. According to him, industrial machinery industry developed new product life cycle is generally three to five years, and our new product life cycle of 10 years, and the world famous China's machinery products no lack of independent intellectual property rights and strong international competition force products. Although in recent years the industrial structure adjustment of China's machinery industry achieved a lot of success, but in general still a big gap, not to achieve a qualitative change. Many of the major technologies and equipment related to core technologies and key products still rely on imports of high-end CNC machine tools also rely heavily on imports, developed for aerospace, defense industry of advanced CNC machine tools are still needed long-term embargo.

Yu Zhen said that China's machinery industry must promote industrial upgrading technology innovation, enhance industrial competitiveness take the new road. First, we must increase investment in science and accelerate the technology development center construction, especially in some of our great development constraints, foreign impossible to provide to our technical ability to rely on their nurture; the second is to establish a leading core product, independent IP to support enterprise development strategies, promoting technological upgrading, accelerate product upgrading, to cultivate their own brand, to create a world famous brand; Third, relying on the "three Gorges project", "East", "South" and other key national projects to promote the core technology and localization of major equipment; Fourth, the active use of joint ventures, cooperative production technology spillover effect, in the digestion and absorption on the basis of the development of core technologies with independent intellectual property rights. (Source: CCTV)
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