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High and low temperature low pressure chamber
Product Usage:
1, the device is an analog high-temperature low-pressure environment, is widely used to determine the electrical and electronic products for low temperature and high pressure environment adaptability (especially electrical and mechanical properties of the product changes).
2, equipment standards: GB10586, GB / T2424.2-93 (equivalent to IEC68-2-3) Q / TIWY72004 enterprise standard.
Structural features:
(1) a unique balance thermostat way to make the device with high accuracy, high stability temperature control.
(2) the studio using high quality stainless steel sheet, a sample shelves are also made of stainless steel, corrosion-resistant, easy to clean.
(3) provided with a nitrogen-introducing hole, no oxidation test convenience sample.
(4) device regulator with a high-precision, high stability with PID self-tuning, LCD, ensure precise control of the device.
(5) The device has over-temperature protection, voice prompts and timing when timer expires or an alarm, automatically cut off power to the equipment stops running, ensure that the equipment and personal safety.
(6) prepare seal made of special materials with good toughness at low temperature and high pressure environment, sticky and difficult to deformation, good sealing characteristics.
(7) box with electrostatic spray, uniform colors, elegant appearance.
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